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The Best Feature Guide for App like Gojek and Its Cost Details

An app like Gojek is also known as the super app. Because it has multiple services to offer on its platform, it has become a super app. Besides the multiple services like online taxi booking, hiring the service provider, on-demand deliveries from stores, etc., the app includes an entire assortment of features. If you are thinking that these are just some common features found in apps like Uber, StyleSeat, or Washi, then you’re wrong. The app developers of this clone app solution have combined the goodness of a hundred different apps to create this fully-fledged app!

Is Investing in the Gojek Clone App a Worthy Business Idea?

The on-demand multi-services platform like Gojek clone app is very popular amongst entrepreneurs because it has everything in one place. The entrepreneurs won’t have to worry about developing separate apps for different service components. A single app can offer more than 82 on-demand services.

Think of it as a mall where the shoppers can get everything they want under the same, big infrastructure! Here the customers can get everything conveniently. And when the customers are happy with what they get, they go back to it again and again. Therefore, no matter what other developers launch in the market, it is hard to beat an app with a stunning assortment of 82+ on-demand services!

Leave Your Customers Jaw Dropped with These Features

The Gojek clone app has some fantastic features that not every service app does. Read about them here:

1. Video calling

The customers can place a call with taxi drivers, delivery drivers, etc. This feature makes communication a lot easier. Besides normal voice calling and in-app texting, this added feature will make discussing the delivery requirements, parking rules, etc. convenient.

2. GPS tracking

This advanced feature makes lives easier. Now the customers don’t have to call the delivery drivers to ask “where have you reached”, “how much time will it take to reach”? The customers can see the provider’s real-time location on the map as well as the estimated time of arrival is displayed right below the map.

The on-demand multi-services platform like Gojek clone app has more than just to meet the eye!

  • Schedule the service

The customers can easily schedule their services depending on their convenience. For example, if a user is not available at 6:00 pm to get the massage therapy, they can reschedule it for 8:00 pm. This feature makes the app much more user-friendly and convenient!

  • Multiple payment options

The customers can easily choose between the different payment options according to their comfort. The three major payment options available on the application are - cash, credit card, and in-app wallet balance.

Since the app is integrated with the best local payment gateways, the customers can transact online stress-free! Each payment made on the app is safe and secure!

But, What about the Cost of On-demand App Development?

The cost of building the on-demand multi-services platform like Gojek clone app is minimal. Compared to building the app from scratch, the cost of getting a pre-built solution like the clone app is less expensive.

To build the app from scratch, the entrepreneur has to spend at least USD 250,000. However, to purchase a white-labeled multi-services app, the amount is four-figured!


Get this stunning app like Gojek today from the world’s best white-labeling firms. Take the on-demand business to a next level with free upgrades and 100% satisfactory after-sales service!

Call the sales representatives today, and get the free demo app trial.

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